What we are today is not because of what resources we had in past and have present. What we are today is because of what we think. What we think we become and create our future.

take control of



Your life is result of your perceptions and perception is result of belief.  Your beliefs are conclusions derived from information and/or experience. Belief can be both conclusion and subconscious. Information we received from surroundings friend, relative, colleague it means they are develop your and finally develop your perception about life.This way your life is  control by your friend, relatives, colleague. So, do not allow others to control your life. 

stop talking

It is very essential that you start with small step. With small positive change in your life. Any change persons life done overnight it happens gradually so you need to start with small step.

All step gather to make stair , which uplift your life.

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I visited Third Eye Vedic Life Management for career counseling  I got full support for selection of career.

Ami Shah




I visited Third Eye Vedic Life Management for  issues in life for counselling. I got guidance and counselling for the handling the issues after continuous seating and close monitoring and guidance I able to overcome problems in mylife


Gopal Patel 


Your Greatest Self.


Every person has some natural ability and skills By using these abilities and skills it is very easy to get success in life.

There is number of tools to identify that skills and ability like, DMiT report, Astrology, Numerology, aura reading.  By using these tools person can identify his weakness and strength he can plan his career and life. Finally get successful life.   



I am student .I was very confused about career. I contacted Third Eye Vedic Life Management They prepared DMiT report and on that basis they counseled. No I am doing my Engineering.

-Jitendra Gohil




Every person has some stage of life where he is unable to control situations. Some time person is not able to control  his behave in certain situation. He is unable to find out reason behind his behave or why certain things happen in his life.

In such case past life regression, Astrology help by knowing reasons behind such situation and behave. He can reprogram his self or use astrological remedies he can control situation and behave and take control of his life




We are Anleshwar base Corporate company we are facing number of problems in business nothing was going right.  We came to know about there was vastu dosh in our premises. We invited Mr. Sodagar for provide vastu consultant. He suggest very simple solutions for Vastu dosh. Within very short period we were able to solve our problems

- Anil Patel

I was woried about my son career , He was planning to go abroad for further study.I took guidance from Third Eye Vedic lif Management. They assure me about success in study and career of my son life. In reality that happen Noe  My son is project manager in US MNC


-Mukesh Bhatt 

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