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There are many myths and misunderstandings about hypnosis/ hypnotherapy but the real process can be used as a therapeutic tool. Since 1958

The effects of hypnosis are not limited to sensory changes in the subject's memory and consciousness, but also self-changing suggestions and the effects of hypnosis suggestions can post hypnotically extend to subsequent waking activities of the subjects. When a person is in a state of hypnosis, the focus of attention increases suggestive. 


In a hypnotic state, individuals tend to see, feel, smell and perceive "suggestions" by the hypnotists, even if these suggestions are in obvious contradiction to actual stimuli in the environment. A person who is in a state of hypnosis seems to heed the hypnotist's communication and react uncritically and automatically, ignoring other aspects of the environment than those indicated by the hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of symptoms. Treatment is adapted to each individual and can be either long or short-term.

Advances in Hypnotherapy over the past few decades have led to wonderful results. No matter what you require.I provide personalized hypnosis sessions designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life. Combining my extensive knowledge and experience,  enable my clients to make positive changes. As a passionate Hypnotherapist, I enjoy working one-on-one with people.

I get you healthier and happier. Using scientifically proven techniques, they will aim to discover the root of the problem and create a long-lasting, effective change. No matter what issues you’re facing, get ready to free yourself from the negative, subconscious blocks that are holding you back. 

As a hypnosis practitioner, provide the clinical help and the tools you need to reach your goals. Be it an addiction or trauma you’re struggling with, or a new milestone you want to achieve, you’ll notice a difference after only a few sessions. 

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