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  • Nikunj Sodagar

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is about judging or anticipate events in life of persons say future telling. Most astrologer talk about past life incident and create impress person. Most people reach to astrologer to solve their life problem by getting remedies for their problems. Actually astrology is tool to align your life activities to get maximum happiness in life. Any person can get what he/she want in his life by alignment of his activities to his/her horoscope easily, without any trouble. Most astrologer provides various remedies from mantra chanting, wearing gems, puja and many more way of remedies. In reality non of them work until and unless your karma align to you birth chart. Astrologer real work is guide person how he/she can align karma to birth chart and get maximum from life without any trouble, discomfort and how he/she can live happy life full of love and happiness.

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