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VAstu ConsultaTion

Vastu Shastra (Science of Architecture) is a traditional Indian architectural system originating in India. Ideas, concepts, models, organizations of spaces, shapes, buildings, and building collections are based on their function to each other, their use and the overall structure of Vastu. It is the textual part of Vastu Vidya. The broad knowledge about architecture, design and Vastu shastra theory of India includes. designing of any building keeping balance all the five elements of nature Fire, Water, Space, Earth and Air. To eliminate the negative and strengthen the positive energy. To make the place more comfortable for persons living in the building or space. Balancing of elements brings mental and physical health which lead to prosperity in all way. 


I help clients to correct Vastu of his/her business place and home to achieve harmony with a person living inside premises. Vastu shastra is required in sight of astrology also for fine-tuning. I have experience in both areas. I fine-tune the Vastu of place with personal horoscopes living or working inside a place with minimum renovation, and modifications with fewer expenses by using my years of experience in astrology and Vastu shastra.

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